Hypnotherapy is a natural and powerful therapy that is able to create effective change for resolving a variety of problems such as phobias, panic attacks, obsessive behavior, trauma, emotional concerns, certain allergies, and skin problems, lack of motivation, smoking and weight control.

Hypnotherapy involves teaching clients how to access a state of calm where they remain totally in control, but are able to dip into a world of complete physical and emotional relaxation.

At this point positive suggestions, which can be agreed beforehand, are given. These work on the subconscious mind and help steer towards a chosen solution by creating inner motivation to affect a change. The subconscious mind also controls much of the body’s functioning and welfare, therefore it is possible to “re-programme” body systems back towards health.

Hypnotherapy is totally safe and cannot be used to force any change against someone’s wishes. It will only create the effect that the person undergoing hypnosis allows it to have. Whilst this protects each individual, it also means that the desired outcome has to totally match the client’s needs in order to be fully accessed. Part of the process, therefore, is to establish appropriate and realistic goals prior to embarking on a course of solutions.

Once this has been decided, the hypnotherapist will work out with the client the various stages that make up the course of therapy. This will give an indication of the progress expected.

Hypnotherapists may often combine their treatment with other therapeutic or counselling skills in order to give a more rounded approach. Some cases, such as stopping smoking, may only require a few sessions while more deeply rooted concerns will take longer.

Hypnotherapy is a proven and lasting tool for change and leaves the client with a number of beneficial techniques to empower them in other areas of their life.