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Officially opened by H.R.H. The Prince of Wales in 1988 our philosophy and approach to health and wellbeing remain the same...

The essence of meditation is to find an anchor of peace and calm within. It is self evident that nothing in our life remains permanent. Meditation creates our own inner oasis untouched by constant change and uncertainty.

Western Science has been focused on understanding our outer world through the medium of the five senses. The Ancient Yogis took a different approach; they wanted to understand their inner world - our mind and consciousness. By sitting still they were able to calm the mind and access a deep inner peace. Like scientists, they were able to develop "scientific laws/techniques" of how this peace could be accessed, thus the ancient science of meditation was created. Thousands of years later, Western scientists are able to quantify and measure many of the physiological, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits of the ancient yogis "inner science".

Teresa Hale was a pioneer in the field of complementary medicine since 1982. At this time its potential was not fully realised and `Teresa felt the way forward was for complementary medicine to take on a more professional image and work in cooperation with orthodox medicine. Her strong belief was that no one system system of medical one has the whole answer to our myriad of health problems.

In 1987 she opened The Hale Clinic adjacent to Regents Park in Regents Park. It was formally opened by The Prince Of Wales in 1988. It was the first clinic in UK to combine conventional and complementary medicine.

The model she created has been replicated in many hospitals, private and state clinics in the western world. She was quoted in the press as the woman who changed the face of complementary medicine. Shortly after the clinic opened, the press nominated her as one of the most influential women in the UK at that time.

Teresa Hale continues to be at the forefront of innovation. She sees developing correct diagnostic models as vital in helping the patient find the correct combination of therapies for them. In this way not time is lost in finding the correct formula them to achieve good health.

To this effect, she is working with the kamkus multidimensional diagnostic model at The Hale Clinic.

For many years Teresa Hale has been fascinated by how our body has the ability to renew and regenerate. She is working on a new model of health which is focussed on regenerating every system in the body to achieve optimum health enabling us to live longer, healthier, more fulfilled lives.

She sees the future of medicine creating a partnership between stem cell therapy and complementary medicine, so we have a truly regenerative medical model infused with a care and compassion for the patient.

Teresa Hale Has published 2 books The Hale Guide to Complementary Medicine and Breathing Free. She has lectured in UK, Italy, US and Dubai and appeared on UK, US and Emirates Television and the Hale Clinic Has been covered extensively in UK And international press. The clinic has attracted many celebrities and royalty over the years who like many of our patients see complementary medicine playing a vital role in the future of their health.

Teresa has a degree in philosophy and economics and a post graduate degree in education. She has been a practitioner of meditation for over 40 years and a meditation teacher for over 30 years. She has trained 250 meditation teachers who teach in over 30 countries worldwide.

Warts and Verruccas

Pansy (Pegasus FES) is great for warts. Says one flower therapist "they just drop off and disappear" Spinefex (Australian Bush) and K9 (Andreas Korte, African Essence) are also good warts.

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