In 1988, The Hale Clinic was officially opened by The Prince of Wales in its former building in Regents Park, as the first clinic in the UK to combine conventional and complementary medicine.

Our founder, Teresa Hale has been a pioneer in the field of complementary medicine since 1982.

Since 2018, The Hale Clinic is being run by Beena Menon, who has been mentored by Teresa Hale and has been a follower and champion of complementary and holistic living her entire life.

At a time where the wonders of complementary medicine had not yet been unravelled as a conventional practise, Teresa felt the way forward was to create a complementary medicine practise that worked in cooperation with orthodox medicine. Shortly after the clinic opened, the press nominated her as one of the most influential women in the UK at that time.

The clinic has attracted many celebrities and royalty over the years who like many of our patients see complementary medicine playing a vital role in the future of their health.

Indeed, this remains true with the ethos of the Hale. No one system of medicine has the whole answer to our health and well-being.


“We look at health from a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual perspective; depending on what the patient feels is relevant to them. 

We see prevention and early diagnosis as a key factor in maintaining optimum health.”

Beena Menon