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Craniosacral Therapy

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Hatha Yoga


Biodynamic Massage £110 60 minutes

Shiatsu £110 60 minutes

Craniosacral Therapy £110 60 minutes

Naturopathy £110 60 minutes

Energy and Esoteric Medicine £110 60 minutes

Leadership Life Coaching £110 60 minutes

Expressive Arts Life Coaching £110 60 minutes

Therapeutic Yoga £110 60 minutes


EUAA European Ayurveda Association

Stephan Hein is a holistic health and well-being practitioner who works and researches in the field of human consciousness for healing, creativity and personal growth.

Drawing from a diverse body of professional training that embraces complementary therapies (incl. Naturopathy, Neo-Reichian massage therapy, Shiatsu, Craniosacral Therapy, REIKI, Chakra energy healing, Higher Ground Leadership Coaching, NLP, Therapeutic Yoga and Meditation, teaching, art therapy and musicianship), he pioneers a creative healing model that he calls “The Medicine of Creative Consciousness”.


This innovative project speaks to body, mind and soul alike, offering inspiring tools that can teach us how to use our human faculties of awareness and consciousness more intentionally for transformational self-healing, creative self-mastery and the healing of community.

Stephan supports the integrated model of medicine where conventional and complementary approaches to healing are combined as needed. He is a member of the appg (All Party Parliamentary Group) for ITS (Indian Traditional Sciences) in Houses of Parliament and also is trained to be NHS approved therapeutic Yoga teacher.

A consultation with Stephan is not a “quick-fix” for symptoms. You will be offered a space where different therapeutic tools are tailored to best serve your personal situation. By raising your awareness and perception you are invited to return home to yourself, into a space of equanimity and inner peace that shines forth from authentic source of inner power of who you truly are.

It is this inner core that endows our lives with creative guidance, resourcefulness, resilience, abundance and possibility how to best heal and realise our wholeness for a life we are meant to live.

The Medicine of Creative Consciousness benefits especially long-standing health conditions in body & mind, supporting general well-being and life in a balance. It may result in:

·         Deep relaxation and symptom reduction of stress, anxiety and depression

·         Pain relief (incl. chronic pain) and accelerated healing

·         Homeostasis and improved physiological functioning

·         Reduced inflammation and stronger immune system

·         Vitality, well-being, equanimity and inner peace

·         Enhanced intuition and unfolding creativity

·         Self-realisation on humanistic and spiritual layers of experience

·         Self-empowerment by connecting to the wisdom of the Inner Healer

Stephan’s method finds further expression, diversity and refinement in his own educational environment for inspirational and creative learning called The Genius Lounge. Click here for further details: