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Energy and Release Therapies

Executive Coaching

Neuro energetic Kinesiology


Women‘s Health


Kinesiology 60mins £120

Kinesiology Package 5 hours £550 (Valid for 3 Months)

Kinesiology Package 10 Hours £1100 (Valid for 6 Months)

Executive Coaching 60mins £180

Executive Coaching Package 12 Hours £2000 (Valid for 4 Months)


Executive COACH - ICF (ACC)

Specialised Kinesiologist (UK-KF)

Member of the royal society of Medicine (RSM)

Sandra is dedicated to helping support clients identify and resolve physical, emotional and environmental stresses. Her previous business experience gives her an understanding of career challenges that many people face today.

Sandra assists clients in understanding more about themselves and their reaction to life stresses and challenges, and how best to activate personal strengths and qualities to realise their objectives. She seeks to guide every client along their own unique journey to full self-awareness.

Through an innovative synthesis and unique integrated coaching experience blended with her kinesiology practice, specifically tailored to meet individual needs, Sandra guides you to unlock inner resources in order to fully access potential. She helps individuals generate new insights, clarity and courage to facilitate positive change.

During her time in Paris, Sandra took on a senior management role in real estate. In 2006, she moved to Asia, relocating first to Singapore and two years later to Hong Kong where she lived for more than a decade. She leveraged from her know-how to consult for companies ranging from the luxury goods to the insurance sector. Sandra was one of the practitioners at the largest clinic dedicated to Kinesiology in Asia.