It all started when…

In 1987, Teresa Hale opened The Hale Clinic adjacent to Regents Park in Regents Park. It was formally opened by The Prince Of Wales in 1988. It was the first clinic in UK to combine conventional and complementary medicine.

Teresa Hale was a pioneer in the field of complementary medicine since 1982. At this time its potential was not fully realised and `Teresa felt the way forward was for complementary medicine to take on a more professional image and work in cooperation with orthodox medicine. Her strong belief was that no one medical system had the whole answer to our myriad of health problems.

Shortly after the clinic opened, the press nominated her as one of the most influential women in the UK at that time.

The model she created has been replicated in many hospitals, private and state clinics in the western world. She was quoted in the press as the woman who changed the face of complementary medicine.