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Alternate Monday 5:30pm - 8:30pm




Acupuncture (traditional) £70.00 45 minutes



Melanie graduated from the prestigious Irish College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1996 and has been in practice since then. She came back to London in 1998 and worked with UrbanBliss in Portobello Rd over a period of 15 years. She also founded Oeuf therapy rooms and Clinic for women's health in Queens Park. She has been with The Hale clinic for 4 years and is delighted to move to their new central London premises at 4 Harley Street.

The longer l work with clients and acupuncture itself the more passionate I become about the emotional and mental outcomes that l see for my clients, it can be a truly amazing process

Our good health is a complex and subtle integration of our physical strength, mental clarity, emotional wellbeing and core feelings of security. Any number of factors both internal and external can upset that balance and restoring it is the focus of any Acupuncture treatment.

As a practitioner with over 24 years’ experience l specialised in the emotional and mental aspects of our wellbeing and find acupuncture a very powerful treatment in restoring balance , strength and calm to our lives.