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Ayurvedic Facial Massage


Ayurvedic Pulse Diagnosis & Lifestyle Consultation 30mins
£70 (no supplements)
£108 (with supplements)

Ayurvedic Pulse Diagnosis Follow Up 30mins £55

Mukha-Abhyanga (Oil Massage) 30mins £70

Mukha-Lepa (Face Pack) 30mins £70


British Association of Accredited Ayurvedic Practitioners (BAAAP)

Dr Syama Chandran is an Ayurvedic practitioner currently based in the United Kingdom. Syama has gained in-depth experience following a completion of five and half years education to learn and understand the essence of Ayurveda. She has graduated in Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (B.A.M.S) from Amrita Viswa Vidyapeeth University, based in Kerala, India – a world renowned hub for Ayurveda.

Syama has gained working experience as a Medical Officer and Research Associate (Prameha - Diabetes mellitus) at The Arya Vaidya Chikitsalayam and Research Centre; a well reputed and established ayurvedic hospital in Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu), India. Her remit included both national and international patients.

Additionally, Syama has gained a unique expertise in Nadi Pareeksha (pulse diagnosis) from the Sri Sri Ayurveda and Panchakarma department, based at The Art of Living International Centre, Bangalore, India. Nadi Pareeksha is a non-invasive ancient holistic technique for assessing the complete health condition of a person. The diagnosis can identify genetic constitution, dosha balance or imbalance (toxins/disorders) in a person. At the time of consultation, advice will be given with regards to lifestyle and diet according to an individual’s constitution. Use of a correct diet, herbal supplements and natural treatments can prevent any illness at the earliest and detoxification of your body and mind, boosting your vital energy.