Saturdays 1:15pm - 5:15pm




First consultation: £120 60 minutes

Follow-up session: £90.00 45 minutes


Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine UK

Dr Lan is a Chinese physician and a practitioner of traditional acupuncture for more than 25 years in London and Surrey. She attends to the root cause of the illnesses and her sessions are painless and tailored to each individual condition. Many conditions have been helped by her and the most common conditions under her care are:

Allergy ǀ Anxiety ǀ Depression ǀ Stress ǀ Infertility ǀ Fluid retention ǀ Hormonal imbalance ǀ Urinary incontinence ǀ Menopausal syndromes ǀ Post-natal depression ǀ Men’s health ǀ Sciatica ǀ Chronic back pain ǀ Disc hernia ǀ Arthritis ǀ Migraine ǀ Fibromyalgia ǀ Asthma ǀ COPD ǀ Hypertension ǀ Low energy ǀ Chronic fatigue syndromes ǀ Poor circulation ǀ Eczema ǀ Acne ǀ Frozen Shoulder

Dr Lan also offers facial rejuvenation acupuncture, a beauty regimen commonly used in China, Korea and Japan.

A course of 6 - 8 sessions is recommended.