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The Association of Therapeutic Healers

Danira has always been fascinated by indigenous cultures and she credits her childhood in Australia with her natural affinity for aboriginal peoples and their customs. This passion for anthropology took her on a remarkable two-year journey of discovery and opened the door to the world of natural energy healing.

Danira spent time living with Tuareg nomads in the Sahara, the Inuit in the Arctic Circle and Tibetan monks in Dharamsala where she learned their indigenous healing techniques. With 18 years of practice experience, Danira offers her clients an intuitive healing experience that encompasses deep-listening, spiritual and energy healing, chakra balancing, Reiki, guided meditation and visualisation.

Danira works as a facilitator of health on a cellular level, providing the opportunity for her client's self-healing mechanisms to engage by releasing emotions and, thus, clearing the body of blockages. She has worked extensively with cancer patients, supporting them emotionally and energetically through their process, and she is available to see patients for hospital visits. She is quoted in The New York Times best-seller “Radical Remission: Surviving Cancer Against All Odds” by Dr. Kelly Turner, PhD and has contributed a worksheet on intuition to Dr. Turner's ecourse (Please see link below).

Danira has also attained good results working with trauma release, people suffering from ME/Chronic fatigue and relaxation techniques for women suffering stress-related infertility. Her work featured in the Medicine chapter of 'In Praise of Slow' by Carl Honore, published in 30 languages. She has also been featured in national publications include: The Observer, The Daily Mail, Time Out Magazine, Soul and Spirit Magazine.

Contact Number: 07905163435

Email address: daniracaleta@gmail.com

Radical Remission Website: http://www.radicalremissioncourse.com/?ref=7