Saturdays 1.15pm - 5.15pm

Other days available upon request.


Body Work

Sports Massage/Medicine


Initial Consultation & First Treatment up to 1.5 hours £130 + Medical Acupuncture £40 (Optional)
Sports Massage Therapy up to 50mins £90 + Medical Acupuncture £40 (Optional)


The Register of Exercise Professionals (REP)

Fellow of The Association of British Dispensing Opticians (FBDO)

Sports Therapy Association (STA)

Corinne is a qualified personal trainer and sport massage therapist. She is insured and registered with many professional bodies including REPs (The Register of Exercise Professionals).

Corinne has been an avid sports enthusiast all her life, taking part in a wide variety of sports, including martial arts and ice skating.  Having suffered injuries from martial arts,  she was forced to retire from all physical sports. 

Many years later and still with a burning passion for fitness and well being, she became a professional personal trainer.  

She received immense benefits from having regular sports massage alongside her rehab training which aided her healing from old injuries. She decided this was the ‘magical’ treatment for pain and made it her purpose to help others in a similar position. After qualifying as a sport massage therapist in 2017, she had fantastic results in helping clients from all walks of life with various pain, health and postural issues. Every treatment is tailored to suit the needs of the client, rather than following a standard set of protocols. 

All her clients have a full initial assessment of their needs, and further reassessment at follow up appointments. This is to identify any changes to their condition, and a new treatment plan is created. It is ever evolving to meet their needs. 

Sports massage therapy is not just for ‘sports persons’. It is a form of deep tissue massage used to release tight muscles, promote lymph drainage, encourage circulation, healing and recovery to injuries, and to provide relief or reduction in pain from long and short term conditions. 

Sports massage therapy is renowned for being functional, rather than gentle & relaxing, however Corinne will work with you to ensure you remain comfortable, in control, and gain the best results for your condition. 

Having experienced pain and hypermobility/dislocations/ subluxations and musculoskeletal pain, she empathises with those in similar positions.  Corinne has a deep understanding of how using a variety of massage techniques, stretches and pressures help to reduce or relieve pain and discomfort. This can increase range of movement, mobility, aid and promote healing, and have a positive effect on mood. 

Corinne actively updates her skill set on a regular basis,  to ensure her range of treatments gives her clients the best possible results. She can also incorporate strapping and taping techniques where appropriate, to support painful joints, promote healing, improve posture, reduce pain, or hold joints in place whilst they rehabilitate and repair.  

The benefits of a sports massage are many!