Tuesdays 10am - 7pm

Thursdays 9:00am - 2:00pm and

then 3:00pm - 7.30pm


Body Work

Colon Hydrotherapy

Manual Lymphatic Drainage



Colonic Hydrotherapy £100.00 60 minutes

Colonic Hydrotherapy The Calmer Cleanse £135.00 90 minutes

Reflexology £90.00 60 minutes

Reiki £90.00 60 minutes

Chakra Balancing £90.00 60 minutes

Full Body Massage £90.00 60 minutes

Neck and shoulder massage £45.00 30 minutes

Manual Lymphatic Drainage £90.00 60 minutes





Colette has been a qualified holistic practitioner for ten years. In 2005 she trained at the Gloucester School of Colon Hydrotherapy which is ARCH and Guild registered, and in 2007, trained at The British School of Reflexology gaining a Distinction.

Colette further developed her skills as a Reflexologist by undergoing post graduate training in Reflexology and the Intestinal Link. Colette runs a ladies only clinic and treats her patients with kindness and sensitivity. Whilst providing both colonic hydrotherapy and reflexology as two separate sessions, Colette also incorporates her post graduate reflexology skills into her colonic hydrotherapy sessions to offer the very best in colon healing and care.

As a qualified Reiki master and teacher, Colette also offers this gentle form of healing as part of her service if requested.

Colette also offers 'The Calmer Cleanse' which is designed to relax and orientate any first time clients who want to have a colonic, and may be a little nervous and are unsure of the therapy. The Calmer Cleanse consists of 30 minutes of reflexology working specifically on the points which relate to the colon and then a regular colonic in a totally relaxed environment.

Colette also offers MLD, which is a gentle rhythmic massage which moves lymph to lymph nodes to be filtered and drained away.
The lymphatic system plays a major role in protecting the body from infections and disease.

Conditions benefiting from MLD:

ME (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome)
Hay Fever and Allergies
Pre/Postoperative cases
Water Retention
Stress and Anxiety


Thousands of nerve endings on the soles of the feet correspond with various organs and areas of the body. When the soles of the feet are stimulated it helps the body release negative energy and thereby help heal itself. This is a very relaxing and enjoyable therapy which commences with a pressure point facial massage.