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B.R.C.P., S.F.B., Advanced Microscopy Course

Cheryl Mackie studied hairdressing at the London College of Fashion, where she was entered into the National Student of the Year competition, as a result of her successful exam results.

She is a British Complementary Medicine Practitioner. Cheryl went on to start her training at a salon in Brentwood, studying La Biosthetiques and specializing in hair reconstruction techniques for damaged and inadequately conditioned hair.

In 2010, after employment with Estee Lauder, Cheryl took on the demanding position of Counter Manager with Sisley, whose skin-care philosophy was similar to that of La Biosthetiques in the utilization of essential oils, vitamins and plant extracts. Cheryl returned to the salon in Brentwood to further her career, learning new treatments for hair loss and thinning, in addition to scalp and skin care. She successfully completed training with the Societié Francaise de Biosthetique, enabling her to blend various lotion applications for use on some skin conditions. The courses included the use of Microscopy, enabling the detection of any underlying problems in areas such as hormones, vitamins, mineral deficiencies and. The use of this very powerful tool enabled Cheryl to detect problems and deliver positive results for clients. Cheryl, recognising her use of complementary healing approaches rather than the use of harsh chemicals that can be found in other hair and skin methods.

In recent years, Cheryl has concentrated her education in Trichology, a branch of dermatology dealing with the scientific study of hair and scalp health, and has two practices in Essex where she helps clients with hair and scalp concerns and offers skin care advice. With Cheryl’s knowledge and expertise, your hair, scalp and skin concerns can be assessed and put on a natural road to recovery. With most natural approaches such as homeopathy, acupuncture, herbal, nutritional and allergy-focused, specialists will often detoxify the body before starting the healing process. The Biosthetique approach offers a way of detoxifying the scalp to allow the body’s healing, self-righting powers to function, and with the removal of impurities, hair could grow unhindered and subsequent interventions could penetrate more easily and be more effective.

What is Microscopy? Microscopy is a precise diagnostic tool for Trichological analysis. Why we use Microscopy? The hair is one of the body’s metabolically active tissues, often reflecting the first signs of internal problems, and the use of Microscopy can reveal essential information about the structure and condition of the hair, and any obvious deficiencies such as a lack of minerals. Microscopy is also used to examine the hair root (bulb), and examination of live hair bulbs can give an indication as to the amount of hair loss experienced, and any further loss that may occur in the short term. Examination of the hair root can provide good indication as to probable cause of any hair loss, or what could be interfering with normal hair growth cycle and quality.

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