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Colon Hydrotherapy


Colon Hydrotherapy 60mins £100


Association of natural medicine

Ana has been a Colonic Hydrotherapist for the past 17 years as well as a Naturopath and EFT practitioner. She has a wealth of experience treating a wide range of ailments.

Ana is a registered practitioner with the Association of natural medicine. Her warm and easy going nature will put you at ease.

Where appropriate Anna will incorporate the uses of various herbs and organic coffee enema into the colon during the treatment as well as various herb enemas she also incorporates probiotic enemas with Benzonite clay for added benefits of reducing excessive gasses within the colon .

During your consultation she will thoroughly explain the treatment along with some Iridology assessment and tongue diagnosis giving adding knowledge to your digestive system and carefully devise a treatment plan where needed and which best suits you based on your objectives.

Her in-depth knowledge of colon hydrotherapy and Naturopathic treatments along with her 17 years experience and clinical practice , enable her to create a relationship between herself and her clients that puts them at ease , providing them the experience of being cared for.