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Practice Information

Contact details

Suzanne Roelofs – White & Holland ltd

The Hale Clinic

Room 43

7 Park Crescent

W1B 1PF London

020 7631 0156


Opening hours

We are open during the following times:



13 pm - 7pm


9 am - 7 pm

Should you have a dental emergency outside of the practice opening hours, please call reception on 020 7631 0156 who will be able to assist you.

Initial Examination

Please bring current medication, name, address of your doctor and any dental x-rays with you on your first appointment.

Patient confidentiality

We take patient confidentiality extremely seriously and all personal information is treated in the strictest confidence. All our patient records are securely stored at our practice to ensure that any patient information is only accessed as part of your treatment. No information will ever be released to a third party without your express permission. We have a strict confidentiality policy. To see a copy of this policy or if you would like further information regarding your rights to view your patient records please contact us and ask at reception.


Please note that there are stairs to go up to the treatment room. Unfortunately, it is not accessible to wheelchairs. If you are a wheelchair user we can make arrangements for you to be seen at an alternative practice, please ask Suzanne Roelofs for information. If you do have any disability that you think we need to know about please give us a call before your appointment and we will do our best to put suitable arrangements in place to accommodate your needs.

 A typical BOST full mouth treatment is performed in 4-5 hours during a one day period. Due to the length of the appointment, a custom heated bed is used for added comfort, in favour of a traditional dental chair. 


Complaints procedure

We aim to make your experience at the practice as pleasurable as possible. However, should you have any complaints, please contact Suzanne Roelofs by email who will be able to deal with your complaint and talk you through our procedure.

+44 (0)20 7631 0156