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BIOCOM system

The BICOM device was originally developed over 40 years ago and uses a combination of manual Biofeedback techniques with electrical technology.

Our cells and organs produce electromagnetic fields just like radio waves. Different frequencies are produced in different parts of the body and by different diseases. The Bicom device picks up the electrical frequencies from one part of the body, it then amplifies the healthy frequencies and plays them back into a weak or diseased part of the body. The disease frequencies picked up by the antenna are reversed or inverted (phased out) and played back into the body to neutralise the disease. When you invert a frequency and play it back onto itself, the original wave is extinguished. This method rebalances your body’s energies to a healthy state. This may need to be repeated several times but can eliminate the cause of the disease permanently.


The Bicom takes electrical measurements from the Acupuncture points on the fingers and toes to assess the vitality of your internal organs and systems. During Bicom diagnosis, the strength of one disturbed organ is tested against another to reveal which area is the real culprit causing ill health. For example are the hormones out of balance because of a liver problem, or is the liver imbalanced because of a hormonal problem; are the allergies causing indigestion or is the indigestion, perhaps a ‘leaky gut’ causing the allergies symptoms? Treatment is then directed at the central cause of the problem not just the symptoms.

With Bicom one can detect ‘energy blocks’ within the body and mind, which are preventing natural recovery and have prevented past treatments from working. Energetic blocks are things like a low level unnoticed infection in the sinuses or a tooth, mercury toxicity from dental fillings, a strain in the spine or electric stress from electrical equipment to name but a few. The detection and treatment of these energy blocks can make the difference between success and failure and is a special feature of the Bicom method.


The treatment is painless and safe, the patient is usually seated with a hand or foot on a brass electrode, or an electrode is held comfortably on the body. The Bicom device picks up the naturally occurring electrical frequencies that are produced by your body; these frequencies are then amplified and transmitted back to you in a modified and healing way. The treatment is often reinforced in-between sessions by a prescription of herbal, homeopathic or nutritional medicines.

During treatment some people feel a gentle tingling sensation in the body as the frequencies are rebalanced, and most people will fee an instant lift or the start of relief from their symptoms by the end of the appointment. In addition to using the indigenous frequencies from the body the Bicom can introduce the reversed frequencies from toxic samples like pathogenic bacteria, viruses and fungi infections like post-viral fatigue for example. The same can be done with allergy causing substances. The allergy treatment offered by this method is unique. First the allergies are identified then extinguished so that you are no longer allergic. The success rate can be high depending on other health complications.

What does it treat?

M.E., post viral fatigue syndrome, lake of energy, indigestion, bloating, irritable bowel, Crohn’s disease, hormonal problems, PMT, allergies, sinuses, ear, nose, throat, children’s eczema and asthma, headaches, migraines, some epilepsy, liver and kidney problems, dental amalgam toxicity. Almost any problem may respond. It can usually be seen from the results of the initial consultation if this method is likely to be of benefit and worth pursuing.

The highest qualified and experienced therapists.
The widest range of holistic therapies.
Conveniently located clinic in the heart of London.

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